Had a bad past few days…

On friday morning, I was in the middle of typing an email, and my new beautiful 24 inch iMac froze. I restarted it and my hard-drive was wiped out. Completely gone. Apple customer support couldn’t help me over the phone, so after trying valiantly I brought it into the Apple store for the Genius Bar to help. No dice. Even with the “almost never fail” power of Disk Warrior (or something like that?) they couldn’t find anything. I tried using it in target disk mode with a firewire cable. Nothing. So, now I’m in the process of data recovery with another method which is both time consuming and expensive, and as a result, I’m going to be weeks behind in proofing and editing photos and orders. I appreciate all my clients patience and wanted to post this as a reminder to everyone to backup all your important data! I always burn discs of originals, but not so great with backing up work I’ve done on images, b&w conversions, etc, so I’m out dozens of hours of work, as well as a ton of personal photos of my children. 🙁
So, go burn discs of your photos and important data, transfer to an external drive, or better yet, set up a RAID system (google it if you don’t know how!) so you don’t ever have to be in my shoes.

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