Chinook Book Winner, Minneapolis School Board & More

Kim P. is the winner of the drawing for the free Chinook Book with over $3000 in coupons for local businesses! Congratulations to Kim and thanks for entering! I also wanted to mention that the coupon for Mary Hanson Photography is worth a minimum of $75~ you can either use it for $75 off your print order with a paid session, or you can take 10% off your entire print order, whichever is a greater value for your order.

I also want to mention a few things about the upcoming elections on November 2nd. Election day is just 18 days away, and there are some very important races I’d like to offer my personal thoughts on.

1. Minneapolis School Board

Chanda Smith Baker for Minneapolis School Board

With the release of the movie “Waiting for Superman” recently, much attention and discussion have been focused on schools, teacher unions and performance. I’m glad to see this renewed attention and focus and hope that it brings change to the thousands of children that are failing to get a quality education in our Minneapolis Public schools. This is the first year that Minneapolis will elect both “at-large” citywide candidates as well as some by district. There are four at large candidates running for two spots opening on the board, so you get to vote for up to two on election day. I heartily endorse and recommend that you choose Chanda Smith Baker (website here) and Richard Mammen, (website here) as the next two directors of the Minneapolis Board of Education.

I’ve gotten to know each of them personally over the last several months of this campaign cycle and I believe that they will each do the job well with their great listening skills, life experiences and the ability to make tough decisions to improve our district. Please check out their websites and vote for them in a few weeks, email me or give me a call if you need more information on either Chanda or Richard (or the other school board candidates) and why I’m supporting these 2 great candidates.

2. Governor

Anyone who has read my blog, my facebook, or knows me well, knows how hard I worked for Margaret Anderson Kelliher in her gubernatorial bid. It was an extremely tough loss when she did not prevail in the primary, but raw feelings have healed and it is time to get out the vote for Mark Dayton to be the next governor of Minnesota. Of the three main candidates, there is such a clear choice to me- Emmer would be a disaster to the state of Minnesota, he would set back rights for women, minorities, he would further hurt education,  and much more of course, but Horner would also be a catastrophe. The few times I’ve seen Horner’s commercial-where he attempts to paint himself as the “middle/centrist candidate”- with the red eye and the blue eye looking either way- the song “You Can’t Hide Your Lying Eyes” pops into my head. Horner is the former spokesperson for the Republican party and a PR lobbyist for the rich and all things big-business, and the only part of the “mythical middle” that Horner would serve is in tricking those folks to vote for him. He has no allies on either side in the legislature, no solid budget plans and no prior record to show who he is, other than his Himle-Horner client list that he is keeping secret. Vote Dayton on November 2nd.

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