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I don’t post images of my children on here very often. I posted this on a photographers board I frequent, and then thought, why not on the blog? So, here you go: a little about one of mine…

My first baby… my oldest dear son, is going to be 10 years old in December. I was taking some shots of my three kids, all of them yesterday, jumping on the bed. He sat down on the chair by the window and looked outside, and I shot one photo of him not jumping, not clowning, just talking to me, and when I looked at it, I just gasped at how grown up he is looking. I look at him everyday of course, but as we all know, there is something about a photo.
As I say on my “about me” section on my site: “There’s a moment that happens when you look at a photograph of your child. Sometimes you laugh, sometimes you cry, but the memories always come rushing back. Those moments are what got me interested in photography in the first place. When I had my first child, I realized how quickly he flew through stages that I thought I’d remember forever, but would have been lost without the photographs.”
My gosh, is it true. I looked at him, and it was like one of those movie moments, where bam, you rush through all the memories, him in the bassinet at the hospital, him sitting up for the first time, laughing at me when he was nursing at six months with a milk dribble, him taking his first steps *finally* at 14 months old. Him holding his baby sister, then later his baby brother. Him really reading me a book at four years old, off to kindergarten, then FirstGradeSecondGradeThirdGradeFourthGrade…. all in one big fast running rush. I know any minute know I’m going to be fixing his tie at his wedding, thats truly how fast it goes. I’m so thankful for him (for all my children of course) but to just take a moment and look at him, the sweetest, kindest kid, and just realize how fast it goes, and how much I love him. *sigh*…
Honestly, in so many ways, truly seeing and then photographing my own children is sometimes a bigger challenge, than my clients kids. So, to my J. My first baby-who is growing up so fast. I love him.
thanks for reading.

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